The Leikr team is formed by a group of professionals with a common history of crafting state of the art electronic products for the mobile phone industry.
For many years we, as a group, have designed, developed and brought to market collectively more than 80 million handsets for one of the most recognized market leading brands.
As a successful team we have then created Leikr, following our common passion for endurance sports, running and cycling.
In our training watches we apply all our expertise and experience accumulated over many years, to create the best training device an athlete could desire.


Lars Moeller
Director, R&D Management
Master swimmer, multisports athlete

12 years in the Nokia Research and Development center in Denmark, 4 of which leading concepting teams to deliver smartphones for the global market. At Leikr Lars is in charge of the overall product delivery, from concepting phase to manufacturing plans.


Cristiano Cairo
Director, Product, Marketing and Sales
Triathlete, mountainbiker, snowboarder

4 years of Business Development and 6 years of Product Concepting and Management for consumer electronics industry. Global working experience (US, Denmark, Italy, China). At Leikr Cristiano is in charge of the total product definition and experience, user interface, marketing.


Palle Staffeldt
Manager, Electronics

12 years experience in designing and developing hardware and electronics and more than 10 mass production products brought to market. At Leikr Palle is in charge of all the electronics, power management, connectivity and certification requirements.


Nikolaj Østerbye
Manager, Software
Active biker and mountainbiker

9 years experience in software design and development for the gaming, Internet and Mobile industry: from low level software, to Operating systems, to application layer. At Leikr Nikolaj is in charge of the whole SW stack: design, implementation and testing.



When we were concepting the Leikr Sports Watch, we had a vision of a GPS watch that never grew stale; a product whose features would keep evolving, directly based on what our users need and what we, as athletes, could see becoming relevant when practicing endurance sports.
Looking at the steady stream of software updates, since product launch, it makes us proud to note that we are fulfilling our mission and delivering to our user the exciting experience of a product that grows over time.
That is why we believe that calling the Leikr merely a GPS watch is limiting, we prefer to call it the first true GPS training platform.

Frequent Software updates, made easy

Benefitting from the frequent software updates we are delivering to our watches could not be any easier: through the wireless network connection the watch fetches and installs the latest software updates over the air. No cables, dongles or cumbersome searches for the right software packages in endless lists.
Just activate a synchronization on the watch, in range of your wireless network, and the watch will handle the update seamlessly.