Some of the Leikr core features – such as utilization of IoT communication – are now used in an ambitious research project to develop the most reliable telemedicine device in collaboration with TDC, DTU fotonik and Huawei. The project is supported by funds from Innovationsfonden.

The most striking benefits of the new device will be that it:
  • Avoids acute cases by early interaction by tracking all kinds of biometric data: Blood pressure, glucose, air flow, etc.
  • Offers better quality of life because of its reliability in tracking data and transmitting them safely so that doctors and other experts can make their efforts.
  • Leads to lower care costs as more precise data means better possibility of giving the right treatment. And not all users need to be hospitalized but can stay at home.
Because of the precision and reliability this is a device that may change the standard of monitoring patient health and their treatment.